Tea Offerings

We offer a wide variety of black, green, white and herbal teas. Amongst these are gluten free, vegan, organic, and decaffeinated options.

Black Teas

Some health benefits of black include: strengthens immune system, fights bacteria, help reduce risks of stroke by balancing cholesterol levels, good for blood circulation, and can also help with general health.

Apple Cinnamon (B,L) Decaffeinated
Apricot (B) Caffeinated
Black Current (L) Caffeinated
Classic Chai (B) Caffeinated
Ceylon (L) Decaffeinated
Ceylon & India (L) Caffeinated
Chocolate Mint (L) Caffeinated
Christmas Tea (B) Caffeinated
Classic Chai (B) Caffeinated
Darjeeling (B,L) Caffeinated
Earl Grey (L,B) Caffeinated
Earl Grey w/lavender (L) Caffeinated
English Breakfast (L,B) Caffeinated
English Breakfast (L) Decaffeinated
Ginger and Peach (L,B) Caffeinated
Hot Cinnamon Spice (L) Caffeinated
Irish Breakfast (L) Caffeinated
Lemon Essence w/peel Decaffeinated
Mango (B) Decaffeinated
Paris (L) Caffeinated
Peaches and Ginger (L) Caffeinated
Queen Catherine (L) Caffeinated
Russian Country (L) Caffeinated
Spiced Pear (B)
Strawberry Essence (L) Caffeinated


Green Teas

Some health benefits of green tea include: antioxidants which can help treat various diseases, contains minerals that are good for health, can improve brain function, boosts metabolic rate-which can help with weight loss, may lower risks of various types of cancer, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular

Green (B) Decaffeinated
Green Garden (L) Decaffeinated
Imperial Green (L) Decaffeinated
Japanese Sencha (B) Caffeinated
Jasmine Almond w/orange (B) Caffeinated
Jasmine Flower (B) Caffeinated
Jasmine Rose (L) Caffeinated
Moroccan green w/mint (L) Caffeinated
Red, Green, and White (B) Caffeinated
Tropical green w/pineapple (L,B) Caffeinated


White Tea

Some health benefits of white tea: It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti aging properties. Good for skin and oral health.  Help with lung cancer (specifically) prevention. Helps relief of diabetic effects and also decreases risk of cardiovascular disorder. Drinking white teas can also help with the common cold and flu. Like green tea, white tea can also help with weight loss. White tea has the least amount of processing. Although there is caffeine found in white tea it is a better alternative to coffee because of the many health benefits white tea has.



Valentine Blend (L) Caffeinated
Wedding Tea (L) Caffeinated
White orange w/clove (B) Caffeinated
White Peony (B) Caffeinated


Herbal Tea

Bing cherry w/almond (B) Decaffeinated
Caramel peach w/coconut (B) Decaffeinated
Cherry jubilee (B) Decaffeinated
Chamomile and fruit (B) Decaffeinated
Chamomile tea is a great tea for relaxation and helping with insomnia
Coconut Vanilla (B) Decaffeinated
Cranberry Orange (B) Decaffeinated
Raspberry Caramel Cream (B)
Rooibos (L) Decaffeinated
Peppermint (B) Decaffeinated h
Helps with digestive issues and stomach discomfort, pain, inflammation, and weight loss, and relaxes the body and mind. Helps with fevers, colds, and nausea.